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Unusual Superstition Unfolds as Republicans FC and Vision FC Kick Off Match with 10 Players Each

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At full-time, Real Republicans FC 0-0 Vision FC

In a peculiar turn of events during a Northern Region Division Two League match day 4, Republicans FC and Vision FC initiated their game with only 10 players each, leaving fans bewildered and questioning the adherence to the laws of the game.


As the match unfolded, the intensity on the field was matched by the suspense surrounding the unusual start. Both teams seemed entangled in a ritualistic standoff, waiting to see who would take the plunge and send their 11th player onto the pitch first. This unexpected scenario fueled suspicions of superstition hovering over the teams.


The usual pre-match rituals took an unconventional twist as players from both sides stood outside the field, anxiously awaiting the signal to make their entrance. The tension was palpable as fans, equally perplexed by the unfolding spectacle, questioned the legitimacy of such an unorthodox start.


Football, traditionally governed by a strict set of rules and regulations, rarely witnesses deviations from the norm. The decision of Republicans FC and Vision FC to commence the match with a reduced squad left supporters wondering whether this was a strategic move or a manifestation of deeply ingrained superstitions within the teams.


The Laws of the Game, set forth by the sport’s governing bodies, typically dictate the number of players each team must field at the start of a match. Any deviation from these norms raises eyebrows and invites scrutiny. As the 11th players for both teams stood on the sidelines, it became clear that this was not a mere oversight but a deliberate choice.


The psychological aspect of football is often explored, with superstitions and rituals forming a part of the players’ routines. However, taking such practices onto the field of play, especially in a league setting, is an unusual and controversial step.


The match unfolded amidst the watchful eyes of officials, who were also taken aback by the unfolding drama. The question of whether this act breached the rules of the game or pushed the boundaries of acceptable conduct lingered in the minds of both spectators and those responsible for upholding the integrity of the sport.

As the game progressed, it became evident that the unconventional start did not hinder the intensity or competitiveness on the field. Republicans FC and Vision FC displayed remarkable skill and determination despite the unconventional circumstances, leaving fans torn between fascination and concern over the potential repercussions.


The players joined the counterparts during halftime and were both cautioned.


In the aftermath of this intriguing match kickoff, the football community awaits official statements from both teams and league authorities to shed light on the motivations behind this unusual superstition-infused start. Whether this act will be deemed acceptable or if it will be met with sanctions remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – this match will be remembered as a unique chapter in the annals of football superstitions.

Sunday, April 19, 1998

1998 – Hearts 1-1 Kotoko (7-6 penalties)- Both sides started the game with ten men.

This game was a league cup match. The two giants faced off on matchday 13 of the Ghana Premier League in the 1997/1998 season and it was also an anniversary game to mark June 4.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wa All Stars clash against AshGold was marred by superstition. Both teams started the match in Wa with players each.

Again an Ashgold player urinated on the floor leading to the dressing room and that nearly caused confusion between the team and supporters of the Wa lads who did not take kindly to the behaviour of the player.

February 19, 2020

Aduana Stars edge Asante Kotoko in a game dominated by superstition

Samuel Bioh’s late minute goal handed Asante Kotoko a 1-0 defeat against Aduana Stars

Both Asante Kotoko and Aduana Stars started the game with ten men.

It is still clear the relevance of juju in football.

By: Musah Abdul-Rahim

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