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Unfortunately, Players are Victims of the Failed Systems – Coach Godwin A. Apullah

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The players are, unfortunately, victims of a failed system, as a result, the players should not be solely blamed for the underperformance in various football tournaments.

One of the fundamental issues lies in the lack of proper structures to support football at different levels – District, Regional, and National. To address this problem and improve the performance of the teams in tournaments like AFCON, FIFA World Cup, CHAN, and U-23 AFCON, several practical structures need to be put in place:

Grassroots Development: The foundation of any successful football system is nurturing talent at the grassroots level. Establishing youth football academies and programs in every district would be crucial in identifying and nurturing young talent early on.

Talent Identification Scouting: Implementing an efficient talent identification system is essential. District and regional scouts should be trained to identify promising players within their areas and bring them into development centers.

Development Centers: Setting up well-equipped and adequately staffed development centers at the regional level would help in nurturing the identified talents. These centers should provide top-notch coaching, facilities, and education to the young players.

Youth Leagues and Competitions: Organizing competitive youth leagues and competitions at district and regional levels will help in honing players’ skills and providing them with valuable match experience.

National Academies: Creating national football academies would allow for the best talents from different regions to come together and receive high-quality training and coaching.

Coaching and Education: Providing coaching education and training to coaches at all levels is crucial in developing players’ skills and tactical awareness and I think the GFA is doing well in this aspect just that the fee is too huge for some of the middle-class coaches, especially for the district level.

Sports Science and Medical Support: Investing in sports science and medical facilities will ensure that players are in peak physical condition and reduce the risk of injuries.

Performance Analysis: Utilizing advanced performance analysis tools and techniques can help coaches and players identify areas for improvement and refine their strategies.

International Exposure: Organizing international friendlies and tournaments for national and age-group teams will give players exposure to different playing styles and enhance their competitiveness.

Support from Government and Corporations: Adequate financial and infrastructural support from the government and corporate sponsors is essential to sustain these structures and programs.

By implementing these practical structures, the chances of success in major tournaments like AFCON, FIFA World Cup, CHAN, and U-23 AFCON would significantly improve. The focus should be on long-term development, talent identification, and comprehensive support for players to excel on the international stage.

Godwin A. Apullah

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