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TMFA: A Mother’s Love: The Uncommon Sight of Maternal Support on the Football Field

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In the realm of youth football, the 2023/2024 Tamale Metro Juvenile League has witnessed a heartwarming anomaly – the dedicated presence of mothers cheering for their children. Among these maternal supporters, one remarkable figure stands out: Amadu Hawabu, the mother of U-10 Norgo FC player Abdulai Fuseini.

Mother of player watching her son play 

It’s not a common sight to witness mothers actively participating in their children’s football journeys, but Madam Hawabu has defied convention, attending matches to support her son with unwavering enthusiasm. The recent Match Day 11 showcased her commitment as she stood by the sidelines, a constant and encouraging presence throughout the game.


Abdulai Fuseini, a talented Center back for Norgo FC and a primary 5 pupil at Ola Primary, dreams of reaching greater heights in the world of football. With the invaluable support of his mother, his aspirations appear to be within reach. The duo’s heartwarming connection is a testament to the power of familial encouragement in nurturing a young athlete’s dreams.

This is called family

In an era where parental involvement in youth sports often takes a back seat, Madam Hawabu’s actions deserve commendation. Her dedication not only highlights the special bond between a mother and her child but also emphasizes the positive impact such support can have on a budding athlete’s development.


As Abdulai Fuseini dribbles and defends on the field, he is not alone; he carries with him the cheers, love, and encouragement of a mother who believes in his potential. The presence of Madam Hawabu serves as an inspiring example for other parents, challenging traditional norms and underlining the importance of active involvement in a child’s passions.

Picture credit: Coach Sachibu Capito

In the world of sports, where victories and defeats are part of the game, having a supportive figure like Amadu Hawabu can make all the difference. As the Tamale Metro U-10 league progresses, the story of Abdulai Fuseini and his football-loving mother stands as a testament to the beautiful game’s ability to bring families closer and foster dreams that reach beyond the field.

By: Musah Abdul-Rahim

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