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RTU Supporters Group KuruguZugu Channel Calls for Fresh Leadership at Real Tamale United FC

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Real Tamale United FC (RTU) is facing a pivotal moment in its organizational structure as KuruguZugu Channel, a passionate supporters group, advocates for the appointment of a new CEO who has no prior history with the club. This plea comes in the wake of the resignation of Jawhari Baba Dua, prompting Channel 15 to urge the Board of Directors and life patron of RTU to consider a fresh face to lead the team.


In a letter addressed to the Board and life patron, KuruguZugu Channel articulates their desire for a CEO untethered to any previous roles within the club. The supporters group contends that this approach will inject new perspectives and strategies, potentially revitalizing RTU’s operations and performance on the field.

Letter from the supporters channel

The call for a CEO with no prior involvement in the club is a bold stance, emphasizing the need for a departure from the status quo. KuruguZugu Channel believes that an individual untainted by past affiliations with RTU will bring innovative ideas, a fresh management style, and an unbiased approach to decision-making. This, they argue, is crucial for the club’s growth and competitiveness in the football landscape.


As the club navigates the complexities of identifying a suitable candidate, the pressure from KuruguZugu Channel adds an extra layer of scrutiny to the selection process. The supporters group highlights the significance of transparent and merit-based recruitment, advocating for a leader who can steer RTU towards success without being encumbered by internal dynamics.


The letter from KuruguZugu Channel reflects the genuine concern and commitment of RTU’s ardent supporters to the club’s prosperity. It underscores the belief that change at the executive level is a catalyst for positive transformation, signaling a new chapter in RTU’s journey.


The Board of Directors and life patron now find themselves at a crossroads, weighing the supporters’ plea for fresh leadership against the potential benefits of continuity. As the football community awaits the outcome, the decision made in the boardroom will undoubtedly shape RTU’s future both on and off the field.

By: Musah Abdul-Rahim

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