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Premier League Big Six Proposing British Super League including Celtic & Rangers

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Scottish Champions Rangers and Celtic are to be included in a newly proposed British Super League by the top six Premier League Clubs.

After their plans for a European Super League went up in smoke, the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ are aiming a little smaller and have started discussing plans for a British equivalent instead.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all failed in their attempts to create their own competition and trample anyone who got in their way, but many club executives remain convinced that football needs some form of shake-up.

Late 2020 brought us the infamous Project Big Picture, which saw Liverpool and United’s push to rejig the English football pyramid widely condemned, but according to The Sun, the duo remain at it and are discussing the idea of a British Super League instead.

Compared to the European version, the changes for this one wouldn’t be too drastic. The biggest talking point from the proposal is the idea of offering Scottish giants Celtic and Rangers a spot in the division.

Talks are not advanced at all, but this proposal is expected to be backed by FIFA, UEFA and the UK government, all of whom see mixing Celtic and Rangers into the Premier League fold as a massive positive.

The two Scottish sides are also keen, as joining the competition obviously comes with an enormous wage bump. The rest of Scotland’s top flight are also thought to be in favour as it would give someone else a chance to win the league for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen won it all in 1985.

FIFA and UEFA are both open to the idea of shaking up domestic competitions to try and keep things interesting, with FIFA president Gianni Infantino recently admitting he wants to see ‘new ideas’ to take more teams to the next level.

On top of including Celtic and Rangers, the idea of dropping the size of the Premier League down to 18 teams – a core part of Project Big Picture – remains on the table, as does an end-of-season top four play-off to decide the winner of the title, similar to the system used in both rugby union and rugby league.

Liverpool owner John W. Henry is keen to shake things up
There are some good ideas and some bad ideas, but as with Project Big Picture, everything must be agreed by representatives of all 20 Premier League clubs before plans can be put into action.

The idea of shrinking the league to 18 teams will undoubtedly not go down well among those sides towards the bottom half of the table, but while that plan might get shot down, including Celtic and Rangers may have a little more support.

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