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“Life After Sports” New Year Get-Together: Fostering Innovation and Support for Former Players

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In a heartwarming celebration of camaraderie and shared experiences, the “Life After Sports” group recently organized a New Year get-together, bringing together former players from renowned teams such as Republican, Great Eagles, Shooting Starlets, Young Kotoko, and many more. The event, held under the theme “Bettering Life After Sports Through Innovation,” saw a notable turnout of esteemed guests and speakers, emphasizing the importance of unity and seizing opportunities beyond the football field.

Among the distinguished attendees were Alhaji Abu Hassan, the Regional Football Association Chairman, and Coach Alhassan Dawuo, Chairman of the Regional Juvenile Committee, alongside several seasoned coaches including Coach Muni and Coach Bilsinaa. Their presence underscored the significance of supporting athletes in their transition from active sports careers to diverse post-football pursuits.


Speakers at the event delivered powerful messages, urging former players to forge strong bonds and actively seek opportunities for personal and professional growth. The consensus was clear – by working together and embracing innovation, these athletes can build fulfilling lives after their playing days are over.


The Head Master of Mpaha SHS, who also serves as a football administrator, highlighted the importance of players taking up football-related courses during their active careers. This proactive approach, he argued, equips them with the skills needed to assume various roles within the football industry after retirement. Moreover, he passionately encouraged his colleagues to prioritize education, recognizing it as a valuable asset that extends beyond the pitch.


Adding a political perspective to the gathering, Dr. Damba, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Tolon, emphasized the need for former players to support each other in order to alleviate the challenges often faced after retiring from professional sports. His call for solidarity and mutual assistance echoed the sentiment that collaboration can make a significant impact in the lives of those who have dedicated their careers to the beautiful game.


The event’s climax featured addresses from key figures within the “Life After Sports” organization. Mr. Habib Sanda, the Chairman, and Mr. Seidu Sarpong, the CEO, shared their insights on the group’s mission and expressed gratitude for the collective efforts in creating a platform that fosters support, innovation, and community among former players.


As the echoes of encouragement and shared experiences reverberated through the gathering, the “Life After Sports” New Year get-together served as a poignant reminder that the journey after sports is a collective endeavor, one that can be enriched through collaboration, education, and a commitment to creating a brighter future for all former players.

By: Musah Abdul-Rahim

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