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Advancing Girls’ Soccer: Tuna Saako Ladies S/C Receives Boost from Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Football Association Chairman

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In a noteworthy demonstration of dedication to promoting girls’ soccer and empowering young female athletes, Mr. Alhassan Abdulraman Nyariba, Chairman of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Football Association, took a significant stride on Saturday, 11th November, 2023. He presented the Tuna Saako Ladies Sporting Club with a new soccer ball and a set of jerseys, aiming to level the playing field and foster gender equality within the district’s sports landscape.


The Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Football Association has actively championed initiatives to break down gender barriers in sports, recognizing the untapped potential and talents of young girls. This recent initiative is poised to instigate positive and transformative change within the district.


The presentation ceremony at Tuna Senior High School Park drew members of the local football community, coaches, players, and sports officials. Mr. Nyariba, renowned for his unwavering commitment to youth development, stressed the importance of providing equal opportunities for girls in sports. He underscored the need to dismantle societal stereotypes, creating an environment that encourages young girls to pursue their soccer passions.


This symbolic gesture underscores the District Football Association’s commitment to nurturing talent at a grassroots level. The Chairman affirmed that the provided equipment would not only furnish the team with necessary resources but also act as a catalyst for inspiring other girls in the district to embrace soccer.


The enthusiastic Tuna Saako Ladies, a determined group of young girls united by their love for the beautiful game, expressed joy at the Chairman’s gesture. Coach Mr. Vaglikori Kipo Major conveyed gratitude on behalf of the team, emphasizing how this support would motivate the girls to work harder and pursue their dreams of becoming successful athletes.


The Chairman and his entourage called on parents, schools, and communities to support and encourage girls’ participation in sports, highlighting the diverse benefits, from physical well-being to character building.


This visionary step by the District Football Association Chairman lays the foundation for a more equitable future in sports. As Tuna Saako Ladies proudly sport their new jerseys, they symbolize countless other young girls who now have the opportunity to pursue soccer dreams. Let us collectively celebrate this milestone and continue empowering young girls, recognizing that their success resonates not only with them but with our entire district.

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